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A Patient Recall System Like No Other

Automate the Patient Recall Process;
Increase Patient Retention

Reactivation Coupled with Recall = Patient Retention

DHRpro’s patient recall software increases a key patient retention metric by reaching out to your patients for you.

Even before COVID-19, eye care practices lost 22% of patients to attrition. More than ever, we need systems to discover those patients and bring them back to your office right away.

Medical staff are already overburdened. Who has the time to sift through thousands of medical records to discover lost patients? Is our staff prepared to then contact hundreds of patients one by one until they return?

But what if you could target your most urgent at-risk patients in moments? What if you could identify those who have fallen out of follow-up in seconds? What if you could pinpoint those who need proactive care with just a few clicks? Then, what if you could automate the process of guiding those urgent patients back to the office?

Introducing DHRpro. Utilizing our patient reactivation and patient recall software, you will finally manage your vast database with ease!

Our patient reactivation software identifies patients who have fallen out of follow-up. Then our patient recall software steps in to guide those patients back to your office to schedule an appointment. Your patients receive their necessary diagnostics and treatments, and your office remains bustling. Better yet, we automate your recall strategy, ensuring your staff is never overworked.

By using our reactivation and recall software, your medical practice can retain patients efficiently without burdening your staff.

Two Ways to Reactivate Your Patients

With our patient retention systems, you will better manage your patients. And the best part is, we customize to your needs.

First, we use your clinic’s protocols to locate patients of any specific subset. Next, we provide you with a list to aid your team in reaching out to them.

The third step is up to you. Reach out to them yourself, or you could include our add-on technology to your DHRpro package to automate the process.

Do you want to opt-in? Great!

We then provide the recall process to you. Until your patients return, we send letters, and/or emails to them monthly. From there, your medical staff can proceed to book an appointment.

DHRpro’s Self-Service Patient Reactivation Software

  • Select one of our standard “At-Risk” clinical reports to identify patients lost to follow-up.
  • Send tasks to your team to contact and schedule the patients identified in these reports.
  • Standard DHRpro subscriptions include these self-service reports.
patient reactivation software

DHRpro’s Automated Patient Recall Services

  • Tell us which types of patients you’d like to ensure never fall through the cracks in your practice.
  • Then, we generate the reports to identify these patients for you every month.
  • Each month, we contact your patients using their preferred method of communication, such as text, email, or letter.
  • Once contacted, these patients call your receptionists to schedule their important appointments. That’s patient reactivation – simplified!

A Patient Recall System Like No Other

Study Reveals Patients Lost to Follow-Up

How many patients does the average medical clinic lose to follow-up? And how seamless is Dhrpro’s reactivation software to locate those patients?

In 2020, we studied a multispecialty eye care practice to see how DHRpro could help them. The findings even staggered us, further confirming the value of DHRpro. Some key results emerged:

Our patient reactivation software stepped in to assist these practices. But with so many patients lost to follow-up, this practice did not have the time to call them back in. So, they opted-in to our patient recall software to automate the process of contacting those patients.

With little effort, this healthcare practice contacted their lost patients. As for the patients, they received their necessary tests. What’s more important than that?

Patient Retention Handled for You

Without a doubt, patients at higher risk are critical to track. With DHRpro’s service, we tell them you care and make it simple and affordable to come back to your practice.

So, what does our automated patient reengagement service cost? $240 per month covers up to two providers and each additional provider is only $99. The monthly subscription includes the cost of text messages.

If your patients prefer email contact, we charge 37 cents per email. For patients who prefer paper mail, the charge is 90 cents per letter.

Do you want to learn more? Schedule a time to meet with our team.