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The Biggest Limitation of EHR

Do you know where Electronic Health Records are lacking?

The $36 billion implementation of Electronic Health Records in 2010 came with a lot of promises to the American healthcare system. First, doctors were to experience efficiency by moving their paper notes to a digital platform. Next, patients expected transparency when it came to billing, medications, and diagnoses. And, finally, administrators sought a streamlined system of medical care that would ultimately save money.

While EHR came with good intentions, the infrastructure and technology simply couldn’t follow through on those promises.

So, where did it go wrong?  Is there a single loose screw in the EHR concept that can be tightened so our healthcare system can evolve into a more dynamic model?

Key Limitations of Basic EHR

Key Limitations of Ehr

Key Disconnect

Practice Management System is master

  • Patient appointments and billing sends info to EHR
  • Encounters and procedures are sent back to the Practice Management system

The Answer

The Biggest Limitation of EHR is Disparate Data Sources, Which Forces Doctors to Navigate Every Time They See a Patient.

Many issues exist under the umbrella of disparate data sources, including:

  • Malpractice Lawsuits
  • Poor Patient Experiences
  • Overwhelmed doctors
  • Billing Issues


While EHR has digitized patient health records, it could still use improvement. It continues to lack the technology and workflow intelligence to collect the relevant patient data doctors need for great patient care. Doctors find themselves opening multiple windows in search of a patient’s medical history. As a result, they risk missing past diagnostics as well as any communications amongst specialties.

Every day, medical providers find themselves obstructed by the very technology that was designed to make their practice more efficient. Unfortunately, this leads to patients who do not receive the care they need, want, or deserve.

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could put all of the important patient data into a single view for the medical provider to see at just a glance?

NOW we can!

Patient Data

Doctors work harder than ever to pull patient information out of multiple, disjointed, and disconnected systems on a daily basis!

With patient information coming from various sources, medical providers find themselves responsible for information they don’t know. As a result, this disjointed information creates ideal conditions for mistakes to be made as well as possible malpractice claims.

Medical professionals want to provide the best patient care, yet they are working for the data instead of the data working for them.

Isn’t it time for a change?

Dhrpro Logo

Disparate Data Sources is the Problem. DHRpro is the Solution.

We need to do more than make health records electronic; we need to make them dynamic.

Dynamic Health Records, through DHRpro, is the dynamic way to bring the promises of your Electronic Health Records to fruition. We do this with real-time reporting, clinical medical data intelligence for front line clinicians, and innovative technology that gets doctors off the computer and back to being present with the patient. Our add-on technology pulls all relevant data from your existing EHR and PM system and presents it in a singular, easy to understand view.

SINGLE DASHBOARD WITH ALL RELEVANT PATIENT INFORMATION: With DHRpro, all of the information can be seen at once! Patterns emerge, gaps get closed, and administrative mistakes are found and FIXED before they become malpractice!

IMPROVED PATIENT EXPERIENCE & CARE: Now, all relevant details are no more than a single click away! Doctors can assess patient histories quickly and devote more time to providing actual care across a higher patient volume!

REAL-TIME INSIGHTS TO LESSEN MALPRACTICE RISK: Here, DHRpro collapses an enormous set of non-correlated clinical, procedural, diagnostic, and claims data into a single dashboard! We empower doctors to deliver high quality care through contextual and actionable insights. These on-hand data points allow users to navigate through the growing prevalence and complexity of compliance and reimbursement requirements in order to reduce risk as well as costs!

DYNAMIC REPORTING SYSTEM: DHRpro’s dynamic reporting system reveals at-risk patients with no future appointments who could otherwise be lost to follow-up.  We offer numerous filtering options that can find patients fitting nearly any scenario. Once identified, by using bulk task processing, you can assign these patients for scheduling, all with a SINGLE click.

AVOID COSTLY MEDICAL & BILLING ERRORS: Finally, by displaying claims in context with encounters, providers avoid costly medical errors for patients and payers alike. Intuitively, doctors can now identify and prevent errors, such as wrong-side and inadequate waiting period billing errors.

Dynamic Health Records fulfills the promise of EHR and gives doctors what they need to be present in their practice. DHRpro is ready to be implemented in facilities around the country.

Patient Data

Our goal with this transition to Dynamic Health Records is to enable responsible innovation throughout all medical specialties, without disrupting care or placing a heavy financial burden on the healthcare system.

It’s about more than the technology or the data. It’s about giving doctors a way to get back to what matters: providing quality, empathetic, present patient care.

Ready to Get Back to
Seeing Your Patients?