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We created DHRpro InSights to share ideas and some insight into how we are different than everyone else. Read on and then, why not consider allowing us to help your medical practice?

breakfast in the car

Time is Precious. Efficacy is Key.

Too often, we spend our days scrambling, eating breakfast on the road, sprinting between offices, and even rushing our patients in and out the door—all in a desperate attempt to collect more time.  The question is not how to magically extend our days to create more time, but how to optimize the time we do have? …read more

Child watching bird migration

Struggles of the Great Data Migration

As children, each of us at one time laid on the grass looking to the skies watching with glee as thousands of birds flew south for the winter. Little did we know all that inherently went into that migration…The same level of complexity and difficulty can exist when migrating from a legacy EMR to a new state-of-the-art system. …read more

Gaining Independence From Your EHR

Curing Physician Burnout and Gaining Independence from EHR

Fireworks soar up into the night’s sky. It’s Independence Day. But oh boy, you are exhausted. What your pals don’t know is that you just came off a twelve-hour shift at the hospital. You can’t imagine doing it again tomorrow. You might be what the medical community considers…read more

lost patients like childhood friends

But Where Did Our Patients Go?

The period between a patient’s visits is like a summer vacation in childhood. A patient comes into your office. The usual visit. They schedule a return visit for three to six months later…but where are they…read more

Albert Einstein

Clear The Chaos. Our Practices Can Do Better.

Albert Einstein once said, “Order is for idiots. Genius can handle chaos,” which suggests he would have been a terribly ineffective Office Manager. That’s not to say…read more