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A Letter from Our Founder

To Our Valued Friends and Customers:

Success: the accomplishement of an aim or purpose

The pressures of today’s non-stop, always on Work From Everywhere world, often make the goal of success seem impossible. We understand that it is essential to follow best practices whenever possible – thus ensuring success. Recognizing these pressures, we have compiled the enclosed Guide as to why Practices just like yours have found success with Dynamic Health Records. I trust you will find it of value as you begin the movement forward to see just how advancing the use of DHRpro can be when combining it with your with existing EMR & PM based solutions.

As you begin this review, do so with the understanding that DHRpro is dedicated to developing solutions that enable clients to meet today’s advanced challenges of operating a profitable Practice in a pandemic world. Responding to an enormous customer need, DHRpro delivers a business solution that solves persistent issues of:

In short, DHRpro delivers solutions that work all day, every day; AND we do it for a fraction of legacy expenses. Thank you for making the investment in our Company and our associated solutions. You will be glad you did.

Best regards,

Leonard Ginsburg, M.D.

Why Choose DHRpro?

1. We Simplify EHR…

Tired of the EHR clutter when looking for specific information? No matter the EHR you use, DHRpro is able to extract all meaningful data to display patient history, schedules, and reporting in an easy to use and efficient format. Gone are the days of ignoring your patients while putting a patient history together. DHRpro lets the data work for the doctor instead of the other way around.

2. Clarity Like Never Before…

DHRpro’s Dynamic and fully customizable dashboard displays all relevant patient information on a single page in real time. See clinical and financial data, medications, diagnostics, and imaging in context.

Clarity LIke Never Before

We present everything you need to see and only what you need to see on one actionable dashboard.

3. Designed By Leading Medical Experts…

We have the solutions you need. How can we be so sure? Because DHRpro was created by doctors for doctors, by billers for billers, and by practice managers for practice managers. Your problems used to be our problems. In 2017, leading medical thinkers united with technological wizards to enhance the EHR experience. From there, DHRpro was born. And DHRpro continues to develop with our ever-expanding team of thought leaders and medical experts committed to one goal: advancing medicine.

4. Developed And Tested On One Million Patients…

With the help of 12 eye care practices and over one million patients, we developed and tested our software for six years. Leading medical experts weighed in with suggestions for enhancements and we listened to further refine our offering. We went well beyond the traditional “most viable product” to a robust, full product suite for DHRpro’s first commercial release – in 2021 at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s annual conference.

5. Product Umbrella Enhances Your EHR/PM System…

DHRpro product umbrella

DHRpro offers several product offerings to help maximize efficiency, communication, and profitability. Our patient flowsheets enhance any clinic by displaying all relevant
patient data to keep the doctor moving while simultaneously increasing quality of care.

Our patient reactivation reporting can be accessed any time to get patients truly lost to follow-up back into your practice including the ability to filter on high-risk patients. With DHRpro’s financial reporting, your billing team will be able to filter reports efficiently based on urgency and balance and even configure and export results for ease of workflow.

6. Clinical and Financial Decision Support Together!

Preferred practice patterns for both clinical and financial decisions guide and alert doctors, administrators, and billers when something falls outside expectations. DHRpro shows doctors every visit their patient has ever had, how long it has been since each procedure or diagnostic test has been performed, if they are in a post-operative period, and whether key indicators of your patient’s health are elevated or decreased.

On the same screen, DHRpro also offers insights into the billing record. A quick review will tell you if there is an issue with denials. Perhaps procedures or diagnostic tests are being performed too frequently. It could be the patient has switched Insurance or an
authorization has not been provided. Now doctors can take an active role in the financial stability of the practice.

Administrators can find their most at-risk patients and get them back in to be seen. Reviewing the entire patient population for the practice, DHRpro will locate patients based on condition, procedures, diagnostic tests, appointments, recalls, elevated pressures, and so much more.

And billers can run financial reports that deliver to them precisely what they need, only the denials that can be worked, see unbilled procedures and diagnostic tests that never made it to the practice management system, and filter by groups to take action on several patients at once. By connecting and comparing information from multiple sources, DHRpro keeps patients and the practice safe.

Find lost revenue

7. Top Secret Security…

Hosted on the same cloud computing service trusted by the federal Department of Defense, DHRpro uses cutting edge technology to stand out from the rest. Layered security, advanced firewalls, constant vulnerability scanning, white- and black-listing IP addresses, and serverless architecture all work together to protect your data.

One of our clients had their EHR taken down by ransomware, but their data remained secure in DHRpro. We have less vulnerabilities because we run in secure containers that only have the services necessary for our application. The tunnel between DHRpro and your practice uses mutual authentication and IP white-listing so you, and only you, can access your data. Hackers never sleep, but you can rest assured your patients and finances are safe with DHRpro.

8. Communication…

Having good communication is essential to any doctor and practice, but having the ability to communicate using DHRpro’s task system enhances the process allowing for greater efficiency and transparency. With easily distinguishable task icons located on every patient flowsheet by date of service and product, users have the ability to quickly generate internal messages to anyone in the practice with just a click. All internal communications are followed with an email to the recipient which includes all relevant information needed to address the issue while looking at the same information. DHRpro’s internal communication with tasks makes information transparent from the front reception desk to the clinic to billing and administration. We streamline and enhance practice communication like never before.

9. Rapid Return On Investment…

ROI in days

We are committed to returning your investment in days, and we have several channels to help you do so. Reactivate your lost patients and fill empty time slots with our clinical reporting. Catch clinical and billing mistakes before they are ever made with our patient dashboard. Secure your finances and locate your denial codes with our financial reporting. See more patients. Save more time. Make fewer costly mistakes. And so much more! We mean it when we say, with DHRpro, your investment is sure to explode.

10. Pricing…

DHRpro is offered as Saas (software as a service). Practices pay a one-time setup fee which includes a two-year bulk data load and all hosting, support, and training. The monthly subscription fee is tiered by physician and by specialty and includes ancillary access for unlimited administrative, billing, and clinical staff. There is a 12-month minimum subscription and we offer a paid “proof of concept” option that can be cancelled within the first 30 days.


Created by doctors for doctors, Dynamic Health Records is a software and services company that solves the daily challenges of disparate data silos that EMR/PM systems inherently present for a single clarifying patient view. Our integrated dashboard of clinical data, summaries, and reports delivers the most accurate, inclusive, and holistic patient information available for practitioners. Partnered with the industry’s leading EHR/PM software providers, DHRpro delivers a uniquely user-friendly and informative dashboard that improves efficiency and saves precious time while improving delivered care and bottom-line results. DHRpro empowers practitioners by enhancing data to streamline a practice; making old weaknesses new strengths.