Add us to your existing EHR/PM system and get back to
seeing your patients instead of just searching for their records

We take relevant patient data and put it into one view

The promise of EHR

Make all of the patient’s health records available in real-time so the medical provider may be fully informed in order to provide the best possible care for the patient. 

Promise of EHR
patient data

The reality of EHR

Doctors work harder than ever to pull patient information out of multiple, disjointed, and disconnected systems while being held responsible for what they don’t know. 

Searching for data in your EHR consumes time and may lead to mistakes. This results in the doctor working for the data instead of the data working for the doctor.

Dynamic Health Records Fulfills the Promise of EHR

DHRpro partners with your existing EHR/PM system to supercharge data and make your health records dynamic.  We bridge the gap of interoperability and deliver a unified space for all patient data. By bringing all of the layered patient records together in a simple-to-use actionable display, we can transform your EHR to deliver the data you need while protecting your investment. With our fully-integrated dashboard, all patient information is now on a single page, in real time. NOW you can see patterns emerge that help you to close gaps and find administrative and clinical mistakes easily. We create visualizations that healthcare professionals at any level understand and can share with a single click.

We help practices provide better patient care, prevent medical errors, and improve productivity. Our actionable dashboard makes medical delivery more efficient for better patient outcomes. Unnecessary diagnostic testing is avoided and the overall cost of healthcare is reduced.

Doctors are ready to get back to seeing their patients as opposed to working in a data mine. Medical facilities need to minimize the malpractice risk caused by inaccurate recording and patients are ready to have transparency when it comes to diagnostics and billing. With Dynamic Health Records/DHRpro, all of those aspirations are finally made possible.

patient data

EHR has done the heavy lifting by converting paper records to digital data. 
Unfortunately, finding the data can be cumbersome and may result in mistakes.
With only EHR, doctors are screen-focused as they search for data.
Partnered with DHRpro, doctors are patient-focused and can provide present, empathic care.

DHRpro allows Doctors to start SEEING patients again!

start seeing

Start “seeing” patients again

Stop searching

Stop searching for every patient detail

Reduce errors

Reduce medical errors


Walter Egenmaier, O.D.
Walter Egenmaier, O.D.
EyeCare Consultants, OD/MD
Evansville, IN

I was one of the early adopters of EHR and have always been a believer in MDoffice.  I was instrumental in helping develop and perfect their glaucoma module, which helped me monitor and care for patients. Today, DHRpro’s chronic glaucoma disease offering takes glaucoma care to an entirely new level. Finally, my EHR really works.  As soon as I need something, bam! It’s there! DHRpro is so easy, efficient, and powerful that I can practice and see patients at my speed.

Dr. James F.D. Freeman
James F.D. Freeman, M.D.
MECA Eye & Laser Center
Memphis, TN

DHRpro’s unique dashboard presentation streamlines care and makes me more efficient. It was hugely helpful and literally a lifesaver when we were attacked by ransomware…we could not have seen patients without it. DHRpro was fully functional even though our MDoffice and three backups were down. It is an indispensable tool for “on-call” access as all the information I need is right there on my iPhone.

T. Sunny Khamapirad, M.D.
T. Sunny Khamapirad, M.D.
Mid-South Retina Associates
Memphis, TN

DHRpro is the first window/program that I inspect when entering an exam room. It has all the essential information in an uncluttered format. I can instantly tell why the patient is back to see me and what I thought and did at all the previous visits. Also, the billing and reimbursement information, usually buried in the EHR/PM systems is available on the same screen. No more looking, clicking, waiting, clicking, waiting, etc. If you took this away from us, it would be like cutting off our right hand.  

What You’re Wasting:

Data from the American Academy of Ophthalmology confirms that the average ophthalmologist generates an average of $575 per hour or nearly $10 per minute.  

How much time does a doctor spend looking for data in the EHR?  Studies have shown that DHRpro’s flowsheet saves two to three minutes per patient depending on the subspecialty because all of a patient’s information is so clearly presented over time.  These two to three minutes per patient have proven to result in a savings of one to two hours per day and thousands of dollars per week.

DHRpro pays for itself every day of the week. And that’s before we start finding your at-risk patients lost to follow-up.

Unload the burden of mentally constructing the patient file and thinking of every patient detail and let your mind go back to work on diagnosing.

Enjoy practicing medicine again.