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Partnered with your EHR, DHRpro will help you

Reactivate Patients with Smart Patient Recall

Find Your Most At-Risk Patients

Find all patients who meet a certain criteria

With DHRpro, practices gain transparency into at-risk patients through our intelligent reporting system.  We help identify patients who need care based on high-risk diagnoses, procedures performed, or those lost to follow-up much more efficiently than any recall system possibly could.  This is especially critical in the time of COVID.

Studies have shown that nearly 22% of ophthalmology patients are lost to attrition.  DHRpro finds patients without future appointments and those with cancelled appointments who could otherwise be lost.  Once identified, clinicians and practice administrators use our convenient task management system to notify staff so that appointments are scheduled proactively and appropriately.

Study Reveals Patients Lost to Follow-Up

After studying diverse single and multispecialty practices in 2020, discoveries further affirmed DHRpro’s value.  Key findings included one practice with 450 glaucoma patients who had not received visual field or OCT diagnostic tests in more than 18 months.  Another practice had 141 patients with active wet AMD who needed injections and had not been seen in more than four months.  Another had 1,161 patients without future appointments who had a Fluorescein angiography within 2.5 years, but had not been seen by a doctor within nine months.

Through our clinical reports, these practices were able to identify and contact at-risk patients for scheduling these medically necessary tests.

Fill empty appointment slots with DHRpro