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Improve Medical Compliance

With DHRpro’s Clinical Decision Support and Actionable Insights

A Medical Compliance Tool That Works

DHRpro helps practices improve compliance with actionable insights and customizable clinical decision support. Until now, intersystem lack of connectivity has limited electronic health records. DHRpro solves that problem. Our customizable tool connects your current systems into one cross-referencing powerhouse. 

With DHRpro, doctors define their preferred practice patterns to alert them when any deviations arise. These notifications identify opportunities to catch errors, thus increasing quality, decreasing liability, and ensuring that physicians are reimbursed for delivering excellent care.

Increased Scrutiny from Regulators

Now more than ever, regulators can hold doctors accountable. The transition to EMR made it easier for insurance companies and federal agencies to collect data on doctors. Thus, the auditing process became simplified. As a result, in 2014 alone the federal government’s Health Care Fraud and Abuse Control Program (HCFAC) collected penalties of $3.3B from hospitals and providers for errors and inconsistencies found in patient records. 

Doctors are responsible for their charts, including any documentation or billings. Erroneous billing and improper documentation can lead to penalties from the Office of Inspector General (OIG) by more than three times insurance payments received plus $11,000 per patient visit extrapolated for three years.

This increased scrutiny is not necessarily a bad thing. Such scrutiny holds medical workers accountable, catches bad eggs, and motivates doctors to provide focused care. However, it also means that doctors who make genuine mistakes are liable. 

Dynamic Health Records supports you in meeting all compliance regulations. Specifically, DHRpro ensures compliance with clinical and financial regulations.

Compliance with Medical Regulations

All Health Data on One Screen

DHRpro’s Patient Dashboard takes all your data from across systems and displays it on a single, comprehensive dashboard. No longer is an entire patient history scattered across documents, pages, and systems. Now, an entire patient history is in one place, on a single screen. 

Doctors save time searching through records, minimizing the risk of making mistakes in the search process. Moreover, when all the information you need is on one display, patterns emerge, and it is easier to catch any mistakes hiding right under your nose. 

Customizable Alerts

DHRpro aligns treatment plans with medical standards of care and notifies doctors when patients have missing diagnostic tests, lab tests, or appointments. We eliminate errors resulting in denials, improper reimbursements, or compliance-related issues that can lead to expensive audits. DHRpro employs quality benchmarks and equips physicians with real-time decision support, improving overall outcomes. 

Collaborate as a Clinical Team to Catch Mistakes

We know full compliance with all regulations takes a clinical team effort. That’s why our tools enhance team communication. Doctors, technicians, billers, and practice managers can use our dashboards to check all aspects of a patient’s health, ensuring compliance in every sector. 

From every aspect of our software, team members can communicate with one another. They can ask questions, assign tasks, and solve problems in context. When the team is working as one, mistakes are minimized, patients receive more accurate care, and the clinic is paid in full. 

Compliance with Financial Regulations

View Finances in Context

For the first time, doctors can easily confirm their billing history in the context of patient care. Patient history, treatment, and finances appear on a single dashboard, allowing doctors to make corrections and prevent erroneous billing. Doctors finally have instantaneous feedback on whether what they meant to charge was done so appropriately. 

In context, doctors can see billing icons that identify the status of a patient’s claims, including alerts of unbilled appointments and denied claims. Physicians can then communicate directly with billers without leaving the screen to correct any mistakes as necessary. 

Medical Billers Have Everything They Need

Our Financial Reporting System allows billers to delve into the PM system and sift through the vast data to pinpoint any needed information. Billers can identify improper codes, incomplete procedures, and unauthorized diagnostics lacking proper authorizations. Through immediate analysis and correlation, billers can ensure correct and compliant billing.

Joe Zebrowitz, M.D.

OB/GYN Specialist, Co-Founder and Former EVP, Executive Health Resources who developed and delivered the compliance tool used today by three-quarters of U.S. hospitals

DHRpro improves doctors’ efficiency while allowing them to comply with all regulations.  In the rare case of this compliance tool, while doctors are doing good, they actually improve the bottom line. 

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Don’t Let Medical Compliance Burden Your Practice

Compliance should not hamper you from providing efficient and high-quality patient care. As Ronald J. Friedman, a lawyer focused on healthcare issues said, “The law should not be allowed to have a “chilling effect” on the physician-patient relationship, such as to deprive patients of needed medications or make physicians hesitant to act due to fear of being second-guessed, prosecuted, or civilly fined. The diligent physician needs to be armed with an adequate understanding of the law and regulations in this area.”

We need tools that help us remain compliant while providing our most efficient and considerate care possible. DHRpro is that tool.