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DHRpro Solutions Layered with Your Medical Software

Can Give You Clarity Like Never Before

DHRpro Solutions

Clinical Financial Administrative

DHRpro solves the hard problem of integrating scattered sources of patient data by creating seamless and actionable dashboards for doctors, administrators, and billers.  We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so our displays are fully customizable to fit the demands and diverse needs within busy medical practices.  We worked with leading experts in their fields to design the most intuitive dashboards for medical and administrative specialties.  Every detail you need is never more than one click away with DHRpro.

See all of your patient’s data on a single actionable display.

See all of your patients for a single day on one actionable display.

Identify patients who need care based on your parameters.

Locate your most urgent financial matters easily.

Reengage Your Most Medically At-Risk Patients