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Improve Revenue Cycle Management

With DHRpro's Financial Indicators and Reports

A Revenue Cycle Management Software That Works

Medical practices are improving revenue cycle management with DHRpro’s financial indicators and reports. At every stage of the RCM cycle, DHRpro’s software ensures correct billing and then payment for your high-quality patient care

Doctors rarely know if what they thought they charged for a patient was entered correctly and then paid. Even if they have the tools to track their billing, they usually don’t have the time to do so effectively. Proper authorization for services is often left ambiguous. And communication between doctors and their billing departments is challenging, at best. 

DHRpro’s patented technology makes monitoring finances easy and intuitive. Our software presents relevant medical and financial information instantly and together. In just a few seconds, doctors can see if payment requires authorization, if mistakes occurred, or if insurance has denied payment. Meanwhile, billers have the tools to catch and correct any of those mistakes. On top of that, practice managers can follow the entire RCM cycle to ensure accuracy.

Revenue Cycle Management at Point of Care

Improve Revenue Cycle Management

Regulators hold doctors responsible for their billing. That’s why, more than ever, doctors need to play an active role in finances at the point of care. Physicians are the ones making the clinical decisions and ordering the treatments, so they can most easily catch and fix any mistakes as they occur. 

DHRpro’s Patient Dashboard offers a window into claims at the point of care. Doctors can see relevant financial information in the context of patient history. Physicians can discover if medications or treatments were incorrectly billed or never paid. Therefore, with DHRpro, clinics remain compliant and get paid for their services.

Declining reimbursements and increased paperwork negatively impact the overall health of many practices. Insurance companies continue to introduce complex requirements for reimbursements and denials and audits have exploded. Dynamic Health Records works with your billing system to verify compliance, proper billing, and collections. We help your practice avoid costly rebilling and appeals.

First in the industry, our dashboard details:

  • Claims billed
  • Payments made 
  • Denials
  • Treatments performed by colleagues in co-management
  • Post-operative periods per eye

Revenue Cycle Management Post-Care

Declining reimbursements and increased paperwork negatively impact the health of many practices. Insurance companies continue to introduce complex requirements for reimbursements. Denials and audits have exploded.

Dynamic Health Records works with your billing system to verify compliance, proper billing, and collections. We help your practice avoid costly rebilling and appeals.

DHRpro’s Financial Reporting helps administrators and billers save time and maximize revenue integrity. Our financial reporting module supercharges PM systems, allowing billers to sort and filter virtually any data. Unlike some PM system reporting, we filter out the junk and present only relevant information. Denials, in-process, and unprocessed services appear concisely. They can now be worked efficiently with a single click to each patient’s record or batched and sent to individual billers or billing teams for action.

Communication at All Stages for Improved RCM

Efficient and accurate RCM requires effective collaboration and communication from the whole team. DHRpro allows for inter-clinic communication at any stage of Revenue Cycle Management. 

In the context of patient care, doctors can see billing history in the context of patient history. If they see any inaccuracies or have any questions, they can contact the billing team without ever leaving their primary patient page. Meanwhile, billers can review financial history and communicate with anyone on the team to ask questions, notify them of changes, or inform them of best practices. Practice managers can also access financial history at any point of the RCM cycle and communicate with their necessary team members to correct mistakes. 

Communication is critical in accurately billing and collecting the payments your team deserves. DHRpro makes inter-team communication easy, providing messaging functions in every aspect of our software. 

Getting Your Patients Back into the Office

Critical to effective RCM is maintaining your patient population for as long as they require treatment. Studies show that merely increasing patient retention rates by 5% can increase profits between 25% and 95%. Retention is also necessary for your patients to receive the consistent care they need. 

Unfortunately, studies have shown that eye care practices lose nearly 22% of patients to attrition. Every year, practices lose thousands upon thousands of dollars for those lost patients. That’s where DHRpro can help.

DHRpro’s Patient Reactivation Software and Patient Recall Service locate your lost patients and call them back into the office for you. Just by finding your lost patients, practices can drastically improve their RCM. With DHRpro, practices keep their patients returning to their practices and paying for as long as those patients need care.

Dynamic Health Records Study Finds Lost Revenue

DHRpro analyzed 10 MDoffice and Medflow practices to gauge our RCM tool’s effectiveness. In a multi-specialty ophthalmology practice, a 174-patient chart audit revealed a potential $27,225 revenue loss. This loss was due to providers not using DHRpro’s dashboard for error correction. Another doctor found $120,483 in unpaid claims through DHRpro’s billing indicators. A third practice identified 35 denied claims totaling $19,065 in a single day’s schedule

Finally, with DHRpro, administrators and billers have a tool that empowers them to become more efficient. Our unparalleled presentation of claims not processed, in-process, denials, and patient responsibility helps practices catch and correct issues within timely filing limits to improve revenue integrity. 

DHRpro transforms your PM system’s data and makes it work for you.