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Pre-Day + Post-Day Summaries – Maximize Your Patient Schedule

Increase Clinical Efficiency and De-Stress the Medical Clinic

Reimagine Your Patient Schedule

Take charge and manage your busy patient schedule. DHRpro offers a peek into your entire day’s schedule with our Pre-Day + Post-Day Summaries

Catch a glimpse in the morning over a cup of coffee to prepare for the day — or review our post-day summary before dinner to reflect on the week. Correct clinical documentation or billing mistakes on the spot or make adjustments for the future.

With DHRpro’s Pre-Day Summaries, you can even see months in advance. Determine whether you can take the day off months earlier. And check-in on which time-sensitive patient appointments may need rescheduling.

We prepare you for anything the day may throw your way. With proper preparation, your clinic is more efficient, you foster higher quality patient care, and you ensure compliance with all regulations.

View An Entire Day's Patients

For each patient, we’ll show you:

For each patient, we’ll alert you of:

We Provide All of the Most Important Patient Details You Need for Maximizing Your Day

And It’s All On A Single Screen!

With DHRpro’s Pre-Day and Post-Day Summary, you can prepare yourself before a patient even enters your office.  Get a head start organizing your schedule.  Even work weeks or months in advance to schedule your patients and ensure that you are best utilizing your time.

Begin working on your patients before they even enter the clinic by ensuring you’re all caught up and that all of their information is accurate.  And while you focus on your patients, we’ll alert you to any of their missing or upcoming diagnostic tests.

We don’t only show you all of your patients’ information for the day.  We also show you their billing information so you can ensure you are charging correctly and getting paid in a timely manner. We warn you of inconsistencies, mistakes, and missing bills.  Plus, we help you communicate with your billers without ever leaving the Summary page.

Maximize Your Schedule

Protect Your

Secure Your

Delve Deeper with DHRpro’s Patient Dashboard

DHRpro’s unparalleled Patient Dashboard consolidates data from various sources onto one customizable dashboard. For the first time, doctors gain a bird’s eye view where an entire patient history is within a click.

Moreover, DHRpro goes beyond mere consolidation. It aids in error prevention and pattern recognition. Built-in alerts notify of sudden clinical changes and potential documentation or ordering errors. The dashboard also notifies of upcoming diagnostic tests.

Our Patient Dashboard is helping physicians provide better care while saving 21% of their time per patient encounter. The reason is simple. Doctors have everything they need right before their eyes.

One view. One truth. That’s the DHRpro way.