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Locate Your Most Urgent Financial Matters

Seamless Technology…Immediate Value 

DHRpro helps practices drive clarity, efficiency, and revenue in a way never thought possible. Our actionable financial reports enhance your existing practice management system — making it more powerful, intuitive, and efficient.

DHRpro’s Denials Report instantly identifies denials that require attention and updating by filtering those already resubmitted. By eliminating clutter, we save Billers time and help them prioritize work for timely filing. 

Save Time
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denied stamp
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Coding and billing is never a fun job. Never. Couple that with a get-it-wrong-once-and-we-will-never-pay-you-again mentality and the stakes are high to get it right with each patient’s claims. DHRpro’s Financial Reporting provides immediate analysis and correlation for correct and compliant billing. Coding procedures properly to ensure acceptable steps are recognized by payors can make or break a Practice. With a single click of a report, Billers can:

  • Identify improper codes
  • Incomplete procedures
  • Unauthorized diagnostics lacking proper authorizations

Coding and billing is not easy. While essential, it remains tedious, intricate, and time-consuming. Get it right the first time with DHRpro Billing Adjudication.

Actionable Claims Management and Financial Reporting

Do you have to wait forever just to see report results in your PM system? Are you troubled by false positives and inaccurate results? Are you unable to filter out useless information? Are you stuck waiting to print or export reports just to take action? Are you lacking the reports you really need?  With us, practices improve revenue cycle management.

At DHRpro, we feel your pain and we’ve delivered!

Find lost revenue