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About Us

Our Mission and History

We’re doctors on a mission to give healthcare teams clarity with patient data like never before.

It began with a serious problem. All was not well with the Meaningful Use Program of 2009 urging healthcare providers to adopt electronic health records. Like many physicians, our founder, Dr. Leonard Ginsburg, believed that his patient records ironically had become more disorganized and difficult to navigate. With each patient visit, he felt he was slower and more likely to make mistakes. There had to be a better way.

“My father was a brilliant litigator, and he taught me the importance of seeing all of my most important information on one page,” Ginsburg said. “If I have to use electronic records, I figured, at the very least, let me see it on one screen.”

Dr. Ginsburg had spent his career promoting a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to total patient care. He dreamt of creating a tool that could both allow any member of the healthcare team to easily understand an entire patient history and one that could connect multiple doctors and specialties for improved communication. DHRpro is that tool.

So, in 2016, fifty doctors in 10 practices joined to bring this dream to fruition. With the help of top developers in the industry, our team created a software solution that places all of the most pertinent patient information on a single actionable dashboard.

Our goal has always been to harness EHR capabilities to deliver a tool that helps doctors provide the best care for their patients, helps billers maximize revenue, and helps practice managers maintain efficient organizations. We’ve dedicated the last six years to perfecting DHRpro and we’re proud that it’s being used by doctors to help patients nationwide.

Our Leadership Team and Advisors

Meet DHRpro’s clinical and healthcare technology leadership team.  All sharing our passion for the advancement of patient care and technology, we are honored to work with this distinguished panel of executives and practitioners.

What Really Matters