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DHRpro is a patient visualization dashboard

that sits on top of existing EHR/PM systems
delivering clarity like never before.

We integrate disparate data sources to present full clinical and financial histories
on a single, actionable display; improving efficiency, patient care, and revenue.  

We help Doctors take control of their data.

DHRpro is exhibiting at AAO 2024 in Chicago, IL. Join us in Booth #2605 and we’ll show you how we help practices become more efficient, provide better care, and maximize revenue – regardless of the EHR they use. While patient data is vast and often disorderly, we sort through it all to find the information you care most about and present it with clarity like never before. 

Healthcare companies across the nation are on a mission to employ AI and ChatGPT as tools to automate EHR processes, allowing doctors to spend more time with their patients. The first phase of AI incorporation into EHR is in documentation. Most momentum in AI clinical documentation stems from technology companies utilizing ambient clinical intelligence (ACI).

Dr. Leonard H. Ginsburg was a guest speaker at this year’s ASCRS/ASOA conference for multiple topics revolving around the various challenges facing healthcare. Beyond discussing challenges and solutions, the DHRpro team was on hand dropping breadcrumbs for a movement to true interoperability.

A 360° Actionable Health Record All On One Screen

Synthesizing a Lifetime of Care

Patient Lifetime Infographic Demonstrates Clarity Like Never Before

DHRpro gathers patient data from your existing medical software to synthesize a lifetime of care.  What’s more, we don’t replace your electronic health records, practice management, or image management systems…we make them stronger!  Doctors, practice administrators, and billers, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of everything you want to see and only what you want to see.  No more wasting precious time searching screen after screen to find what you need.  We transform information from disparate data sources and present it in simple, fully-customizable views on a single dashboard with nothing more than one click away.

Current Integrations

There is nothing that I know exists anything nearly like this, to put all of the information at our fingertips…and actually have the ability to again synthesize it, provide analytics, and actionable items…I think this is very powerful…This is kind of the quarterback, I would say, of our care in our practices.

Iqbal “Ike” Ahmed, MD, FRCSC
One of the most experienced complex eye surgeons in the world, known as “The Father of MIGS” and the inventor of glaucoma diamond scalpels and other innovative devices

One Solution

DHRpro offers a single solution for multiple challenges.  Even better, we won’t upsell you with endless add-on possibilities. 

Our layered solution includes a patient dashboard for doctors and clinical teams that’s unparalleled across the industry and delivers clarity like never before.  First, practice administrators delve into previously untapped patient populations with DHRpro’s clinical reporting.  Next, billing managers and their teams find their most urgent financial matters within timely filing limits.  Finally, everyone can view any day’s entire patient schedule in a summary view that captures more information for quick assimilation than ever imagined possible. 

We synergize all forms of patient information to make your health records dynamic.

DHRpro solutions infographic patient dashboard clinical reporting patient recall service pre-day and post-day summaries financial reporting

Accolades From Our Subscribers

—James F. D. Freeman, M.D. 
MECA Eye & Laser Center

“DHRpro’s unique dashboard presentation streamlines care and makes me more efficient. It was literally a lifesaver when we were attacked by ransomware.”

—Walter Egenmaier, O.D.
EyeCare Consultants, OD/MD

“Finally, my EHR really works. As soon as I need something, it’s there! DHRpro is so easy, efficient, and powerful that I can practice and see patients at my speed.”

—T. Sunny Khamapirad, M.D.
Mid-South Retina Associates

“DHRpro is the first window/program that I inspect when entering an exam room…If you took this away from us, it would be like cutting off our right hand.”

Big Results

Created by Doctors for Doctors, DHRpro bridges the gap between systems and delivers a unified space for all patient data.  We provide clarity in a longitudinal style so patterns emerge and gaps are closed.  As a result, doctors work more efficiently and become more productive while providing better care with our technology.  In addition, our unique display is so intuitive that it alerts of discrepancies between lateralities, what was performed and billed, and when medically-necessary care isn’t being scheduled.  All of this works together to help medical practices identify at-risk patients, achieve better compliance, and enhance their bottom line. 

better patient care higher productivity stronger compliance enhanced revenue cycle management more at-risk patients reactivated

The Timing Couldn't Be Better for DHRpro

Aneesh Chopra, the first CTO of the U.S. under the Obama administration, believes the timing couldn’t be better for DHRpro’s entry into the health IT marketplace.

Hear about DHRpro’s unparalleled technology first-hand from Aneesh Chopra and a host of nationally acclaimed physicians and surgeons.

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Get Clarity Like Never Before and Enjoy Practicing Medicine Again.