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Case Studies

DHRpro’s case studies present patient histories,  encounters, and claims data from the perspective of actual DHRpro patient dashboards. Like a virtual tour, these studies illustrate our unique approach to displaying data intuitively for doctors and their medical practices.

No patient is a simple patient and retina patient, Gianna Moore has a file littered with a myriad of compliance concerns.  With customizable alerts and all information presented in context, you can review and address the compliance concerns you spot quickly and easily.

Ryan Smith is not a “simple” patient. There are missed appointments, possible compliance issues, and various revenue denials, all on top of the fact that while Ryan Smith is a retina patient, he also suffers from glaucoma, and his patient history was documented in two separate EHR systems.

This complex glaucoma patient’s history clearly illustrates that Aurora Lopez is not a “simple” patient. With missed appointments, possible compliance issues, various revenue denials, and a complex glaucoma history, this patient’s history requires careful evaluation.