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Recover Lost Patients with Reactivation Software

Increase Patient Retention; Find Lost Patients

Patient Retention Made Easy

DHRpro’s Patient Reactivation software is your tool for improving patient retention rates. Our reactivation and recall systems allow you to navigate your complete clinical database. Pinpoint your most at-risk existing patients based on any parameters you set. Then re-engage them to ensure no lapses in their healthcare treatment.

We are a Clinical Reporting tool focusing on patient health while serving as a key patient retention strategy. Our software discovers your patients lost to follow-up based on your set parameters. Create personalized reports utilizing any health factors to identify your most critical patients. Then, contact those patients right away to bring them back to your medical practice.

With our system, your healthcare practice can easily schedule those at risk for their next visit. They return to receive necessary care, and you have a full clinical schedule. You account for all of your patients’ health needs, and your office is always bustling.

Patient Reactivation

Filter Through Your Database

Studies have shown that eye care practices lose nearly 22% of patients to attrition. Since Covid, that number has certainly increased. Even in the most successful practice, we have all lost more patients than we can count. We are all searching for a tool that identifies those lost and brings them back without missing a beat. 

The problem is most databases are massive and take hours to navigate. Data is so disorganized, that it feels impossible to discover those who disappeared. As medical professionals, we’re constantly on the clock. How can we find those lost to follow-up before they miss any more critical appointments?

Enter DHRpro’s Patient Reactivation software. We help practices identify patients who need care, helping you retain patient relationships for the long term.

With DHRpro, you can filter through an entire database in seconds to find the needle in the haystack you need. Filter by high-risk diagnoses, procedures performed, or any other parameter you specify. We provide the tools you need to sift through all that data to identify your most urgent cases.

DHRpro's Patient Reactivation Software and Recall Solution

Locate Your Patients Lost to Follow-Up

Dive into your practice population. Discover those patients lost to follow-up. With DHRpro, you can then easily help them return to your practice. 

DHRpro’s unique Patient Reactivation software will help you:

Patient Recall System: Automating the Patient Recall Process

DHRpro not only helps you identify your patients, but should you choose, we can reach out to them too. Our reactivation software allows you to filter through your entire database. We then provide a downloadable Excel sheet visualizing whatever information you need. 

But, we understand that many practices lack the time or resources to reach out to those patients. Most medical clinics are too busy to spend the time emailing and calling. We recognize you might like to automate the recall process.

That’s where DHRpro’s Patient Recall system comes in. DHRpro can run any unique report in your database. If you opt in, we can then contact the patients you identified and schedule them for you. Using your preferred choice of contact, we will reach out to the targeted clients each month. 

Whether it be by text messages, emails, or mail, we will touch base with your patients. And we will continue to reach out as long as necessary to get them the treatment they deserve.  

Enhancing Your Clinical Trials

enhancing your clinical trials

Our Clinical Reporting tools also transform clinical trials and reports. Dive into your practice population with ease. Filter that data by any medical category reported in your electronic health system. Then, DHRpro can identify patients who would be good candidates for your various clinical trials.

With ease, navigate complex, layered, and massive data sources, locating which patients best matched for your clinical trial needs.

DHRpro's Research Study Reveals Lost Patients

Nancy W. Crawford, M.D.
Glaucoma Surgeon and Former Program Director of Ophthalmology Residency Program at Drexel University College of Medicine

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