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But Why Be Average?

but Why Be Average

Here’s what happens when you settle for average:

Average doesn’t sound so good. Does it?

That’s why we at DHRpro have brought together some of the greatest minds in medicine and technology to create 4 solutions to help healthcare workers be ABOVE AVERAGE.

These are those 4 solutions:

1.) Patient Dashboard

Finally, all the clinical and financial data for any single patient is presented to you, not on multiple tabs but instead, on one actionable dashboard. Our users claim the DHRpro Patient Dashboard saves them 30% more time per patient because, for the first time, everything they need is summarized and displayed in context on one screen. Our dashboard guarantees you will spend less time navigating multiple screens and more time offering your patients the care they deserve.

2.) Pre-Day + Post-Day Summaries

Review your entire day at a glance. Our Pre-Day and Post-Day Summaries offer you a glimpse into your patients for the day, so you can prepare for the injections, medications, and treatments ahead of you. For technicians, this could mean getting a head start on prepping patients while for billers this could mean streamlining preauthorization by identifying how many patients will be receiving injections on any given day. The point is, with our Summary Dashboards, your day is finally in your hands.

We Turn Data on Its Head

3)         Clinical Reporting

Within seconds and with just a few clicks, filter through your entire patient database to identify patients who need care based on high-risk diagnoses, procedures performed, or any other parameter you specify. Then from the same screen, send tasks to your staff to get those patients scheduled as needed. And for those patients lost to follow-up, with DHRpro, you can easily dive into your entire patient population to locate every single lost patient like never before.

4)         Financial Reporting

Our software allows billers to locate what they need when they need it with customizable and actionable reports. See reports on every step of the billing process, including not billed, in progress, denied, and patient responsibility. DHRpro’s Financial Reporting software provides immediate analysis and correlation for correct and compliant billing. That’s not all, though. Our Financial Reporting partners billers and doctors within your practice to ensure communication with ease and that no mistakes occur.

So when it’s that easy, why settle for average? Average is full of mistakes. Average is inefficient. And our patients deserve more than average. Don’t you agree?

Be more than average by partnering your EHR and PM system with DHRpro.