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Aneesh Chopra, MPP

President, CareJourney

Cofounder, Hunch Analytics

1st U.S. CTO, Obama Administration

Aneesh Chopra

DHRPro is the ideal platform, as far as I can tell, to administer clinical-grade trusted decision support and can democratize access through our regulated Smart on FHIR protocols. The timing couldn’t be better for DHRpro’s entry in the market and I can’t wait to celebrate its impact on American healthcare.   – Aneesh Chopra

Aneesh Chopra is President of CareJourney and Cofounder of Hunch Analytics, companies that harness the potential of open health data to provide patient-specific insights and workflow automation. He was the first appointed Chief Technology Officer of the United States and served under the Obama Administration.  Previously, he was Virginia’s fourth Secretary of Technology. 

Chopra is widely recognized for designing the National Wireless Initiative (a nationwide public safety broadband network) and for implementing President Obama’s open government strategy that fostered collaboration between government and the private sector. A frequent keynote speaker, Aneesh Chopra lectures widely on technological innovation and its effects on the global economy.  He wrote Innovative State:  How New Technologies Can Transform Government, which shares insight into the new digital era and how open government can tackle the challenges of affordable health care and economic development.

Chopra holds seats on several boards of directors including the Virginia Center for Health Innovation, the Health Care Cost Institute, the International Digital Accountability Council, and the George Mason Innovation Advisory Council. He earned his Master of Public Policy degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School and his BA from The Johns Hopkins University.