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Joe Zebrowitz, Md

Joe Zebrowitz, MD

Founder, Versalus Health

Former EVP, Executive Health Resources

DHRpro improves doctors’ efficiency while allowing them to comply with all regulations.  In the rare case of this compliance tool, while doctors are doing good, they actually improve the bottom line…This is the most comprehensive physician tool to leverage EMRs that has ever been created.  It’s a tool that allows you to increase compliance while increasing revenue, and that’s a MAGIC BULLET.

Joe Zebrowitz, MD is Founder and President of Versalus Health, a company that specializes in helping more than 2,500 hospitals optimize compliance and improve their financial performance.  Prior to Versalus, Dr. Zebrowitz was Managing Partner of the diversified healthcare investment firm, Devon Hill Capital Partners. Before DHCP, he served as Executive Vice President of Executive Health Resources where he advised thousands of hospitals, developing the role of the “Physician Advisor” and establishing the standard for medical necessity reviews. Today, Executive Health Resources is known as Optum360 after being acquired by UnitedHealth Group for $1.4 billion.  Now, its software that Dr. Zebrowitz and his team developed is used in three-quarters of U.S. hospitals.

Dr. Zebrowitz earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and his medical degree from Temple University School of Medicine.  A former OB/GYN specialist, he studied business at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.