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DHRpro for NextGen

An Add-on Software to Enhance Patient Care and Revenue Cycle Management

A Patient Data Management Solution for NextGen

Created by doctors for doctors, DHRpro boosts your NextGen software by offering complete control over your patient data. By packaging your vast and often disconnected data into intuitive and functional formats, our solutions help your practice give more efficient patient care while remaining compliant and ensuring you get paid for your high-quality services.

An Entire Patient History on One Actionable Patient Dashboard

Forget the days of clicking through patient visits and pulling up old charts as PDFs. With our user-friendly and customizable Patient Dashboard, see all of your patient’s data on a single actionable display where no relevant information is more than a click away. All past encounters and relevant patient information, including medications, procedures, diagnostics, clinical data, and billing history are on one screen customized to your needs. DHRpro delivers a holistic view of patient care by integrating:

Because an entire patient history is on one display, physicians improve their clinical efficiency by navigating their charts quicker and immediately picking up on patterns. Our users have seen DHRpro save them 21% more time per patient encounter, freeing up valuable hours every week, so they can spend less time staring at their screens and more time caring for their patients. Physicians free up precious minutes with each patient to see more people in need and offer their most thorough, personal, and accurate patient care possible.

Moreover, with all relevant health and billing information on one screen, DHRpro illuminates correlations and minimizes mistakes. When a patient’s history is scattered across screens and systems, doctors are more likely to miss clinical patterns and crucial information. But by organizing disparate data sources into user-friendly and intuitive dashboards, DHRpro supports doctors in analyzing and comparing medications, procedures, and diagnostics with a patient’s health while ensuring full compliance. Doctors have a holistic, bird’s eye view of their patient’s data and thus, can easily identify patterns and catch errors.

Customizable Patient Displays and Specialty Specific Functionality

No physician has the same workflow. That is why DHRpro allows you to customize your dashboard to see what you need where you need it. Moreover, you can customize our alert functions to set clinical reminders and recommendations to stay on track.

Physicians of varying specialties also require different displays. Our dashboard is customized for specific specialties such as glaucoma, retina, and anterior; only showing the data relevant to each doctor. User-friendly toggling allows physicians to move between these specialty-specific screens for a shared patient to view their peer’s insights and gain a holistic understanding of their patient’s health.              

Never Lose Another Patient with Our Patient Reactivation and Recall Solutions

Our best-in-breed Clinical Reporting software allows you to sift through your entire patient population to identify patients based on any parameters you set, such as high-risk diagnoses, procedures performed, and delays in follow-up appointments. In a climate where the average eye care practice loses 22% to 33% of patients to attrition, our tools are particularly beneficial for increasing patient retention rates by ensuring no patients fall through the cracks.

DHRpro’s Patient Reactivation software helps you target and locate patients lost to follow-up in need of care. After identifying those patients, you can manually contact them or utilize our Patient Recall services to automate the process. Overall, our concise reporting can deliver those patients who have:

Improved Revenue Cycle Management

At every stage of the RCM cycle, DHRpro ensures accurate billing and timely payments for your high-quality work. Our technology brings doctors into the RCM conversation by supplying relevant financial data at the point of care. While with their patient, physicians can seamlessly see if payment requires authorization, if mistakes occurred, or if insurance has denied payment. At the same time, billers have intuitive and efficient tools to locate and correct any errors from their end. Best of all, without leaving their relevant screen, doctors, billers, and practice managers can easily communicate to ensure accurate and timely billing.

DHRpro’s Integrated Technology for NextGen

Sounds too good to be true?  Hear from thought leaders across the country about how DHRpro is revolutionizing medicine.

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