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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

the Gift That Keeps on Giving

What is that perfect gift?

Perhaps the most pressing question facing many of us today is this: what is the perfect gift? As the winter holiday season rolls in, we are all searching every shelf in every store for that perfect gift.

Well, today, we are pleased to announce we have the perfect gift for medical practices that will have massive positive ripple effects across the entire practice population, from doctors to patients and from practice managers to billers.

There’s a reason this gift is so perfect. With it, practices can see a 227% return on investment beginning in as soon as two months, quickly becoming radically more efficient while making fewer mistakes. Hence why one of the nation’s leading medical compliance experts calls it “The Magic Bullet of healthcare.”

With such a rapid return on investment, this gift can revolutionize your practice in time for the New Year, alleviating one of the most considerable problems facing modern healthcare—disorganized droves of electronic data.

Since the Meaningful Use program began in 2009, pressing healthcare workers across the United States to adopt EHRs, medical practices have been overwhelmed by the vast amount of clinical and financial data presented in jumbled electronic records.

Nothing more than one click away…

Our gift solves this problem by transforming the countless layers of patient data into a single, insightful, and actionable dashboard. As an add-on tool that sits on top of existing EHR and practice management systems, it sorts through your messy data and places all your most pertinent patient information on one comprehensible screen, where nothing is more than a single click away. And when everything is right there before your eyes, physicians and technicians save time and make fewer mistakes. This gift guarantees you will spend less time navigating multiple screens and more time offering your patients the care they deserve.

Housing more individual patient data than any other entity, this gift also has the most robust clinical reporting system in medicine. It identifies patients who need care based on high-risk diagnoses, procedures performed, or any other parameter you specify. With so much easily accessible data, it also locates every single patient lost to follow-up.

And for billers, its financial reporting software locates what they need when they need it with customizable and actionable reports. Billers can generate reports on every step of the billing process, including not billed, in progress, denied, and patient responsibility. That’s not all, though. For the first time, billers can now seamlessly communicate in context with doctors to ensure neither party makes a billing mistake.

Light a spark in your practice

DHRpro is this truly game-changing gift – lighting a spark in every practice, illuminating all that messy data, and, ultimately, creating high-velocity healthcare practices. So, this holiday season, get the gift that will change your doctors, technicians, billers, and practice managers day-to-day lives. Get your practice Clarity Like Never Before. Get the gift that keeps on giving, DHRpro.