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To Get Clarity Like Never Before

If you’d like to add DHRpro’s patient visualization and clinical decision support dashboards to your existing EHR and PM systems, kindly complete the form below.  We’ll email a subscription agreement to you and someone from our customer success team will contact you shortly to answer any questions you may have about our onboarding process.

Standard subscriptions include the initial export, optimization, and upload of your EHR/PM system’s patient and financial data including images, several hours of customization service, and our initial onboarding and staff training.  

We’ll present you with a historical overview of all elements available from your EHR and PM systems including procedures, diagnostics, plans, problems, medications, images, letters, patient demographics, and chief complaint.  We include our IOP graph, interactive summary row, customizable columns and alerts, financial icons and mini ledger, monthly data hosting and storage, unlimited tasks/messaging, daily summaries, clinical reporting, financial reporting, and dedicated technical support.

To add our automated patient reengagement and recall service to your subscription, simply select “yes” where “Patient Reengagement Service Subscription” appears at the bottom of this form.

We look forward to helping you take control of your data to improve efficiency, patient care, and revenue.  Thank you for your interest in DHRpro!

Please understand that this form is not a contract and is not legally binding.  You will receive a subscription agreement by email and will have an opportunity to review terms and conditions prior to signing and returning it to us.

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